YEPAD kdorfman Mon, 08/07/2023 - 17:05

YEPAD medium (Yeast Extract + Peptone + Adenine + Dextrose) contains the same ingredients as YEAD but has peptone added. This is a very rich medium used for storing yeast strains.

1 gram Yeast Extract 2 grams Peptone 2 grams anhydrous dextrose (glucose) 2 grams Agar (agar-agar; gum agar) 8 mL adenine stock solution 92 ml water

To make YEPAD agar plates
at mm plate diameter
pour mL per plate
start with: mL water
add: g yeast extract, stir till dissolved
add: g peptone, stir till dissolved
add: g agar, leave stir bar in
autoclave for: minutes
add asceptically mL filter-sterilized 1 mg/mL adenine
add asceptically mL filter sterilized 20% glucose
for a final volume of mL