Tissue Culture Facility

Tissue Culture Facility margaret Thu, 10/27/2011 - 20:27

Hoods When beginning work in a hood, spray all walls and the working surface with 70% ethanol and wipe clean.

When you have finished working in a hood: please leave it empty, spray the walls and working surface with 70% ethanol and wipe, and make sure that the gas is off. Leave the fan on and turn on the UV light.

Incubators Immediately remove any contaminated dish or flask from the incubator and treat itwith 30% bleach. Wipe the shelf it was on with 70% ethanol. Notify any individuals with cells in the incubator of the contamination.

If you are using an incubator that requires CO2: Always check the water level in the bottom of the incubator, if level is low add water. You are responsible for checking the level of CO2 in the tanks, if pressure falls below 800 psi the tank is emptying. After having received instructions, connect a full tank to the incubator and order a replacement (or notify someone).

Microscopes Please make sure the microscopes are clean and covered when not in use.

Pipets Dispose of all glass Pasteur pipets in the glass only bin. Disposable plastic pipets should be placed in trash (in the plastic sleeve). Reusable pipets should be placed tip up in the pipet jar.

Supplies Label all items in the refrigerator with your name and date. Items that not labeled will be discarded.

Vacuum Pump When you are done, please empty and rinse flask with 30% bleach.

Other Keep the area clean at all times. Dishes and flasks of cells to be discarded should be treated with 30% bleach before trashing.