Con A coverslips.

Submitted by margaret on Fri, 10/28/2011 - 16:28

Making Con A treated coverslips  

  • Requirements:

    Acid washed coverslips stored in 100% ethanol.


    Large petridishes to store the coverslips.

  • 1.Flame the acid washed coverslips and cool for 10 sec. Place the coverslips on top of the large petridish. Usually, make 9-­‐14 coverslips  at a time to save time.
  • 2.Thaw the conA from freezer and apply around 400uL of conA on the first two coverslips or how much ever is needed to cover the coverslip in conA.
  • 3. Wait for 10 sec. Suck out the excess ConA and then tilt the coverslips to a slanted  position and suck out the remaining from near the edges.
  • 4. Repeat the same for all the coverslips. Cover the petridish with another lid of petridish and allow a small opening to dry. If possible,use a vacuum pump  to dry it faster.

    The process usually takes 15 minutes  and drying takes half an hour.

    Storage: In a petridish, place a clean kimwipe and place the coverslips on top with the conA surface facing up. Cover with the lid. 10 min before needed, UV sterilize them. Alternatively, we can UV sterilize all of them after drying and open the dishes only in aseptic conditions or inside hood.