Latrunculin B

Alexis Biochemicals 350-036-C100 Catalog # t110

Inhibits actin polymerization and disrupts microfilament organization, as well as microfilament-mediated processes

Reported to be 10 to 100-fold more potent than the cytochalasins. May act more slowly, though. Lots of variation between cell lines.

Inactivated by FBS. (Rinse medium off before treatment.)

MW = 395.5

Soluble in DMSO and ethanol.

Store in freezer.

Active concentration range: 90 nm ( =~0.1µM) to 2.5 µM

(2.5 µM = 25 x 100 nm)

Stock is 1mm

µL 1mm stock µL serum-free buffer or medium µM final concentration
1 * 99 10
1 399 2.5
1 999 1

*Use this to make further dilutions

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