These are files for making perforated cardstock labels for the frames in the drawers and cupboards, tough tags for 1.5 mL and 0.5 mL microfuge tubes, and tough spots for 1.5 mL microfuge tubes.

You may save any of these files to the desktop and alter it there, or alter it and print it, but you may not save changes to the original.

The labels already written are for illustrative purposes - clear them or rewrite them as you see fit.

0.5 mL microtube labels

Use this template to make labels for half-mL microfuge labels on Tough-Tags TTSW-2240 from Diversified Biotech (can be ordered from USA Scientific or Krackeler)

The printing tends to drift as the printer moves down the page, so stay away from the margins of the labels.

You can send a page through the printer more than once, but be sure to follow the diagram on the paper feed that shows you which way the paper faces!

half-mL-microtube-labels.doc93.5 KB

1.5 mL microtube labels

2ml-labels-blank.doc62 KB

Brother P-touch 55

p-touch55.pdf966.17 KB

Drawer labels

Use this template to make labels for the little frames on the drawers and cupboards.

Print onto the perforated cardstock in the printer drawer in the lab. Use the hand feed paper tray on the front of the printer. You may have to put a stack of paper under the cardstock in order to get the sensor to recognize that this tray has paper in it.

drawer-label-template.doc40 KB

Slide Labels

These are 22 mm square labels for microscope slides.

9164-1000 from USA Scientific

Make sure you leave enough room on the slide for the label.

Slide-Labels.doc43.5 KB

Spot Labels

These are for tough-spots to fit the tops of microfuge tubes

Tough spots 1/2 inch Laser sheets: DFS Item Research Products International Corp Tough-Spots Labels > 1/2 Inch Tough-Spots (Labels ) 1000/PKG 1/2 in. diameter Color: yellow Pre-cut round labels Fit 0.5 2.0mL micro-tube caps Withstand autoclaving and liquid nitrogen 1/2 Inch Tough-spots NC9885027 Research Products International Corp No.:247129Y Pack of 1000 for $37.50

spot labels template.doc143 KB

dH2O labels

Avery 5160

sterile_water_labels_5160.docx125.04 KB