Absorbance of Fluorescein

Per pair:

  • Black 96 well plate (not necessarily sterile, but clean)
  • 1 mM fluorescein (~ 1 mL)
  • 10 mM NaOH (~ 4.5 mL)
  • 2 2-mL tubes to make 2 mL of 10µM fluorescein (each partner does one)

Computers and Plate Readers

  • Check program Repeatability (Abs 485 nm; layout A1-B12, volume 150 µL)
  • Check program FL-Abs-by-2 (Abs 485 nm; layout C1-2, D1-12, volume 150 µL)
  • Wahoo folders must be named Tues01, Tues02, ...Tues12 and Thur01, Thur02 ... Thur12, even though the user names in the Optima program are Tue01 and Thu01, etc.
  • Import program to groups
  • Check network connections (in “my computer” connect the Z drive to Wahoo as kdorfman, kd@hh3)