Reagents (284)

Submitted by kdorfman on Fri, 12/02/2022 - 16:51

Check amounts of each before the semester begins

  • TAE

  • agarose Fisher BP160-500

  • sybr safe Invitrogen S33102

  • DNA ladders

  • potting soil from greenhouse

  • Enzymes from NEB

    • One Taq (large size) M0480L (small is in NEB freezer) in orange box in 362A freezer
    • OMIT 2023 S: Proteinase K P8107S (NEB freezer)
    • Aci1 (special order)
    • MnlI (special order) (plenty for 2023)
    • BsmAI OMIT 2023 S: (special order)
  • Exo-SAP-IT Fisher 78-200-200UL (in yellow "other enzymes" box)

  • 10 mM dNTP Fisher R9012 (in RT reagents box)

  • Qiagen Taq PCR master mix 201445 (Pkg says 1007544) in original packaging in 362A freezer