Optima Plate Reader

Submitted by kdorfman on Tue, 01/17/2017 - 19:12

Plate IDs (in the run menu)
ID1 is file name. Be sure to give a file name

To get the meta data on the output csv file:
Program configuration
define format


  • no header - just the data - useful for files that have to be compiled
  • long header includes wavelength - just the right amount of info (USE THIS)
  • full header (Ex, Em wavelength, date, time, etc) way too much info
  • short header does not include wavelength
  • Danish headers writes the file name next to the row ID. (!?!)

Table style

"Table" no well numbers, or wavelength indicators, etc. Just the results in plate layout form.
"Table with well numbers in plate layout style" USE THIS
"Table with well numbers" puts the well IDs next to the reading (Very hard to read)

Script mode

For i = 1 to 72 This is the counter
id 1 = "BOD1" BOD1 is the file name
id 1 = "BOD1" i makes a separate file for each run, called BOD1_1. BOD1_2 etc.

Excitation filters Emission filters
340 520
485 570
492 590
530 620