SC -Leu-low-Ade 4X

Submitted by kdorfman on Sun, 01/26/2020 - 17:01

Using 4X SC-AHLT because 10x won't go into solution:

(BUT: Agar is too viscous - bubbles won't rise to the surface before it sets up.)

To make SC-leu low ade agar plates
with mm plate diameter
pour mL per plate
start with: mL water
add: g agar, leave stir bar in
autoclave for: minutes
Meanwhile, using X SC-AHLT
Asceptically mix together,
warm up, then add to autoclaved agar:
and : mL 10X YNB+AS,
and: mL 20% Glucose,
and: mL 10x adenine hemi sulfate,
and: mL 50X Tryptophan
and: mL 100X Histidine .
for a final volume of mL

Mark with one green and one blue line.