Grind tissue

Grind roots +/-, shoots +/- in ball mill (Sam's Retch Mixer Mill MM400)

  • Precool the white block for the ball mill

  • prepare 2 2-mL tubes per plate (label tubes on side as well as top)

    • 3 roots + iron
    • 3 roots - iron
    • 3 shoots + iron
    • 3 shoots - iron
  • 2 metal beads per tube 3.2mm diameter ss beads (90g) - Cat. No. 11079132ss from (Can also get from Fisher)

  • cool in LN2

  • Add tissue to cold tube, put back in LN2

  • Put all tubes in cold block

  • Shake 20 sec, check. The heat of shaking may start to defrost the tissue. Throw it back in the LN2. (Shake too long, and the cap may disintegrate!

  • Return to LN2