Week 03 Planting Fast Plants

Submitted by kdorfman on Thu, 07/20/2023 - 18:14

Fast Plants Day 1 (week of 9/18/23):

(See also Yeast genetics 2)

Students plant seeds of F1 Non-Purple Stem, Yellow-Green Leaf (anl/ANL, ygr/YGR)

These are the offspring of two P1 strains:
Non-Purple Stem, Hairless (anl/anl) X Yellow-Green Leaf (ygr,ygr)

We plant at least 6 pots of non-purple stem parents (P1: anl/anl) for a demo, and ask students to puzzle out the genetics of the other parent "Who's the parent?" One pot per table.

  • 1 pot per student
  • place an inner "mesh" tray into the sink
  • place bucket of soil and an empty tray with mesh insert on cart next to sink
  • place a filled bucket of water by the sink

  • per pair:

    • 15 mL tube of fertilizer pellets (fill tube to ~2ml)
    • microfuge tube of F1 seeds (up to 10 seeds/pair)
    • little paint brush
    • weigh boat
    • labeling tape and marker

According to Carolina,
"F1 generation seed will express dominant traits (purple stems, dark green leaves, standard height) and can be used to produce F2 seed that will show the typical monohybrid (3:1) or dihybrid (9:3:3:1) phenotypic ratios. F2 seed will express the appropriate phenotypic ratios."

Rose pots 4x9 in a flat, Instructions to students:

  • Use tape to label pots (Section #, Student Pair #, Date, Name)
  • Fill 1/3 with potting soil (contain activity inside soil bucket)
  • add 8 fertilizer pellets, do not mix
  • fill to the top with soil (work inside soil bucket, do not mix)
  • push down soil
  • put pot in mesh tray in sink, hold down
  • add water from a cup to settle the soil
  • put up to 5 seeds on soil surface (hoping for min 1 plant/pot)
  • cover with dusting of soil
  • put in new tray that contains a mesh insert

Instruction to TAs:

  • keep (or place) mesh tray of all collected pots in the sink
  • water gently, carefully ensuring seeds remain at the top surface of the soil
  • ensure soil is packed and moist enough for seeds to germinate
  • when different seed genotypes are used, take care not to transfer any seeds between pots
  • after excess drains into sink, move into a tray and cover with clear dome lid
  • carry tray to growth chamber

Grow in growth chamber in ISB373: 24 hour light, 24C

Water from the bottom (into the tray, not into the pots), as needed

Wisconsin Fast Plants