Spot Labels

Submitted by kdorfman on Wed, 01/27/2010 - 14:33

DFS Item Usa Scientific Plastics Laser Tough-Spots large

Laser Tough-Spots,large,1/2 in. diameter,Labels/Sheet:192,Labels/Package:3840,available in sheets that permanently accept laser printing,Heat-resistant sheets stay flat and will not jam in laser printers,White only

These are for tough-spots to fit the tops of microfuge tubes

Tough spots 1/2 inch Laser sheets: DFS Item Research Products International Corp Tough-Spots Labels > 1/2 Inch Tough-Spots (Labels ) 1000/PKG 1/2 in. diameter Color: yellow Pre-cut round labels Fit 0.5 2.0mL micro-tube caps Withstand autoclaving and liquid nitrogen 1/2 Inch Tough-spots NC9885027 Research Products International Corp No.:247129Y Pack of 1000 for $37.50