1.2: Fluorescein II

Absorbance & Fluorescence of Fluorescein, part 2


  • One too dilute to measure with abs (e.g., 0.0003mM; A3x10^-7M = 0.015)

  • One too concentrated to measure with Fl (e.g., above 0.01mM)

  • One too concentrated for either, e.g., 0.12 mM

Tell instructors the Abs and Fl of each, w/gain adjusted for the 1 mM solution

Give students:

  • ~6 mL 10mM NaOH

  • ~1 mL 1mM fluorescein. (Make sure Abs is correct)

Make dilution series

Check programs for correct wells.

Get a laptop for the TA to demonstrate stupid Excel tricks.