Classroom pipettes

The pipettes in use in the ISB are Rainin micropipettors :

  • Pipet-Lite® with LTS®, which takes LTS cylindrical tips, and has red, green, or blue labels on the plunger

LTS PIPETTES (rooms 260, 262A, 268, 360, 364, 366A, 368)

LTS 1000 (blue plunger) takes Rainin GPS-L1000 tips, in GPR-L1000 (blue) racks

LTS 200 (green plunger) takes Rainin GPS-L250 tips, in GPR-L250 (green) racks

LTS 20 (red plunger) takes Rainin GPS-L10 tips, in GPR-L10 (red) racks

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  • A 1-12
  • B 1-12
  • C 1-12
  • D 1-9
  • E 1-4

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