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autoclave manual

Always put a piece of autoclave tape on the item or container so you can tell if it was exposed to the steam.

If the green light is on, press the red reset button.

  • Biohazard Waste: See here:

  • Tips: Load racks into boxes wearing gloves (this caution is primarily for RNA work, as most people's skin has RNase on it).
    15 minute sterilization; 40 min drying time; open autoclave CAUTION - HOT! to let steam escape.
    If there is too much condensation inside the boxes, put them in the oven at ~60C for ~an hour.

  • Microtubes: Put into 600 mL plastic jars, screw cover on loosely, so the steam will penetrate. Same time as for tips.

  • Liquids: Larger volumes require longer sterilizing times. Use this table:

Largest volume (mL) Minimum time (min)
75 25
250 30
500 40
1000 45
1500 50
2000 55
>2000 55 + 10 per L
  • Monthly spore test EH&S recommends Fisher 12-001-1 population 10^5 Prospore Bacillus stearothermophilus
To sterilize mL of liquid medium
autoclave for: minutes

Minutes = 8.3853 * volume^0.2449