DNMT1 (rabbit)

Submitted by kdorfman on Fri, 11/05/2021 - 13:39

D63A6 XP(R)

Rabbit mAb

5032S Cell Signalling Technology

detects endogenous levels of total DNMT1 protein.

From the manufacturer: "Methylation of DNA at cytosine residues in mammalian cells is a heritable, epigenetic modification that is critical for proper regulation of gene expression, genomic imprinting and development (1,2). Three families of mammalian DNA methyltransferases have been identified: DNMT1, DNMT2 and DNMT3 (1,2). DNMT1 is constitutively expressed in proliferating cells and functions as a maintenance methyltransferase, transferring proper methylation patterns to newly synthesized DNA during replication."

Dilute 1:100 for use