Submitted by kdorfman on Tue, 10/11/2011 - 19:49

for all LLCPk cell lines

Thaw FBS and anti-anti first!

To make mL F10-Ham's
start with mL water
add: g F10 (Hams) (Sigma N6635)
add: g Optimem (Invitrogen 226000-050)
add: g NaHCO3
add: g HEPES, then pH to 7.2 (initial pH = ~7.1)
add: mL FBS
add: mL anti/anti

bring to final volume, filter sterilize in BSC, refrigerate

Ingredient supplier cat # 1 L 500 mL 250 mL
F10 (Ham's) Sigma N6635 4.9 2.45 1.225 g
Optimem Invitrogen 22600-050 6.8 3.4 1.7 g
NaHCO3 1.8 0.9 0.45 g
HEPES 0.66 0.33 0.165 g
FBS Krackeler 12103C 75 37.5 18.75 mL
anti/anti Fisher SV30079.01 10 5 2.5 mL

Mix F10, Optimem, NaHCO3, HEPES in about 70% of the final volume of dH2O.

Initial pH ~7.1
Adjust pH to 7.2 (it will rise to 7.3 in the CO2 incubator).
Add appropriate aliquot of FBS and antibiotic/antimycotic.
Bring to final volume.
Filter sterilize in the tissue culture hood.

For serum free, replace serum with distilled water