MacConkey agar

Submitted by kdorfman on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 19:41

MacConkey Agar

  • Fisher 212122 2 kg (Difco)
  • Krackeler 10-211387 500g (via Sigma)

to distinguish Lac+ and Lac- bacterial strains.

50 g/L

To make MacConkey agar plates (100 mm)
you'll need: mL water
add: g MacConkey mix, heat & stir till dissolved
autoclave: minutes

To make Maconkey agar plates
at mm plate diameter
pour mL per plate
start with: mL water
add g Maconkey agar, stir till dissolved
autoclave for: minutes

leave stir bar in

put bottles on stir plate near sterile hood until handle-able