MS low iron

Submitted by kdorfman on Thu, 05/23/2013 - 17:40

Murashige & Skoog 1µM iron medium

MS 10x micronutrients is 100 µM FeSO4, so MS complete is 10 µM

FeSO4 stock is 10 mM, which is 10,000x 1 µM

To make plates low-iron MS
start with mL ddH2O (~ 60% final volume)
add: mL 10X macronutrients
add: mL boric acid 1000X
add: mL cobalt chloride 10,000X
add: mL cupric sulfate 10,000X
add: mL ferrous sulfate 10 mM
add: mL KI 10,000X
add: mL manganese sulfate 1000X
add: mL moybdic acid 10,000X
add: mL zinc sulfate 1000X
add: g MES, pH to 5.7 with KOH
bring to mL final volume
add: g bacto- or phyto-agar
autoclave for minutes