P.m. (KD)

Paramecia multimicronucleatum from Parameciavap

http://parameciavap.com/Paramecia.aspx ($45/250 mL)

Get PO from Charlene

To increase population size:

To prepare for student use:

  • Sterile Erlenmyers with foam plug
  • Chaos saline (http://wahoo.nsm.umass.edu/content/chaos-saline) to volume that gives maximum surface area/volume ratio)
  • Add sterile wheat seed (~1/25 mL)1

  • Transfer P.m. from PC to Chaos saline + sterile wheat seed (~1:100)

  • Store at 22C in the dark
  • Transfer ~10 mL culture to tissue culture flask with new seed (1 flask per pair of students)

  1. Wheat seeds support dense rotifer populations. Start the Paramecium culture only with cultures that have no rotifers. Take multiple samples to determine rotifer content.