Submitted by kdorfman on Wed, 10/19/2011 - 15:07

Non-CO2 serum-free medium

For working with live cells at the microscope

To make mL non CO2 medium
start with mL water
add: g MEM (Sigma M3024-1L)
add: g HEPES, then pH to 7.3 (initial pH = ~6.3)
add: mL Na pyruvate 100 mM (thermo SH30239.01)
add: mL anti/anti

bring to final volume, filter sterilize in BSC, refrigerate

Ingredient supplier cat # 1000 500 250 mL
MEM Sigma M3024-1L 13.4 6.7 3.35 g
HEPES Acros 172571000 1.3 0.65 0.325 g
Na pyruvate 100 mM Thermo SH30239.01 10 5 2.5 mL
anti/anti Fisher SV30079.01 10 5 2.5 mL

Mix MEM and HEPES in about 70% of the final volume of dH2O.

Initial pH ~6.3
Adjust pH to 7.3
Add appropriate aliquot of antibiotic/antimycotic, Na pyruvate
Bring to final volume.
Filter sterilize in the tissue culture hood.
Store in the refrigerator.