Submitted by kdorfman on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 18:50

Make cDNA by reverse transcription

Calculate the volume of each sample required to get 1 µg RNA

For reactions
with ng/µL RNA
add: µL oligo(dT)
add: µL RNA
add: µL 10mM dNTP mix
add µL water (final vol = 13µL/rxn) 65 C 1 min, then ice. Spin down.
add: µL 5X 1st strand buffer
add: µL 0.1M DTT
add: µL RNAseOUT
add: µL Superscript III (200U/µL). 50C 45 min. Stop rxn: 70C 15 min

Note I bought the 10 µL Superscript, mixed it with some leftover, and had enough to do one reaction per RNA sample (=60 µL per treatment). Should have bought the bigger size.

I should use some of the remaining RNA to try out the RT sample I got from Qiagen. Maybe the best 8 RNA's.