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Stains lignin

Phloroglucinol-HCl (Wiesner) Staining

Dissolve 0.3 g of phloroglucinol in 10 mL absolute ethanol to prepare a 3% phloroglucinol solution.

Mix one volume of concentrated HCl (37 N) to two volumes of 3% phloroglucinol in ethanol; this solution is phloroglucinol-HCl (Ph-HCl) or Wiesner stain. May 13, 2014

3% Phloroglucinol solution

to make: mL
at: %
mix: g phloroglucinol in 100% ethanol

Ph-HCL stain

to make: mL phloroglucinol stain
mix: mL 3% Phloroglucinol solution
with: mL HCl