0.3 Arabidopsis anatomy

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Arabidopsis See planting schedule.

Grow Arabidopsis thaliana in individual little pots (about 2 seeds per pot), 2 pots per student pair, starting 7 weeks before class. Seems to work better with dry seeds. Thin them if necessary, so there are individual plants to examine.

Grow a few seeds on MS medium, one plate per student pair. Put into refrigerator about 1 week before class, into growth chamber about 5 days before class

Make enough MS plates for Lab 3.3. Use extra for demo.

MS medium:

To make MS agar plates (100 mm)
you'll need: mL water total
start with: mL water
add: mL MS 10X macronutrients
add: mL MS 10X micronutrients
add: g MES, adjust pH to 5.7 with KOH, bring to final volume
add: g agar
autoclave: minutes

leave stir bar in

put bottles on stir plate near sterile hood until handle-able

To make: 500 mL 750 mL 1 L
~300 ~450 ~600 mL ddH2O*
50 75 100mL 10X MS Macronutrients
50 75 100mL 10X MS Macronutrients
0.25 0.375 0.5g MES
pH to 5.7 ~15 ~540µL ~33 drops KOH
Bring to volume with ddH2O |
5 10 g Bacto- or phyto-agar
Pour 30 mL/plate in hood 16 25 33 plates

*without water, the nutrients precipitate

Buy vegetables at the grocery store, enough for one complete set/pair or pair of pairs. At home, sort out the necessary amounts, then keep the rest.

spinach – whole plant if possible broccoli (with yellow showing)
green bean in pods carrots
peas in pods, loose peas zucchini
beans edamame is good; should be able to see the beginning of hypocotyl lettuce – romaine is good. Remove outer leaves (and keep at home for salads), so students can dissect down to the meristem
sesame seeds tomato
-celery (peel back until it’s obviously a petiole) corn
bean sprouts pepper

Dissecting Scopes


Put plant debris and used potting soil in the bucket labeled “Compost”. Add something about putting away dissecting microscopes