Submitted by kdorfman on Wed, 01/15/2020 - 22:12

Liquid Medium

Using 4X SC-AHLT (because 10x won't go into solution):

To make mL SC-complete high ade liquid medium
Meanwhile, using X SC-AHLT
Mix: mL 10X SC–AHLT,
and : mL 10X YNB+AS,
and: mL 20% Glucose,
and: mL 10x adenine hemi sulfate,
and: mL 50X Tryptophan ,
and: mL 100X Histidine .
and: mL 10X Leucine

Bring to final volume with water, then filter sterilize.

Jeff Laney's original (discontinued - because you can't make 10X SC-AHLT) recipe:

Component Volume (mL)
10X SC–AHLT 25
10X YNB+AS 25
10X SC–AHLT 25
20% Glucose 25
10x adenine hemi sulfate 25
50X Tryptophan 5
100X Histidine 2.5
10X Leucine 25
distilled water to final volume of 250

Filter sterilize

Store at room temperature