SC-AHLT low Ade mostly powder

Submitted by kdorfman on Tue, 02/04/2020 - 13:26

High concentration agar is difficult to work with.

  • Tends to boil over, so needs a lot of water in the autoclave pan
  • Hard to get into solution - frequently needs re-autoclaving
  • So viscous that bubbles don't rise to the surface


  • mix the ingredients that can't be autoclaved in as little water as possible
  • Only use high concentration stock solutions for micro-ingredients

Per Liter:

dry ingredient g
SC-AHLT 1.64
YNB 1.7
Ammonium sulfate 5
glucose 20
stock solutions mL
10X Adenine hemi sulfate 2.5
50X Tryptophan 20
100X Histidine HCl 10

plus water to 150 mL

filter sterilize


  • 20 g agar
  • 850 mL water

Mix and pour

Mark with one green and one blue line.