SC -Leu-low-Ade 4X + powder

Submitted by kdorfman on Sun, 01/26/2020 - 17:02

SC -Leu low Ade 4x + powder

Use the 4x SC-AHLT to mix dry ingredients

(4x already made; not enough dry left to start over.)

per Liter:

Agar 20 g + 617.5 mL water. Autoclave

Meanwhile, make:

Component Volume (mL)
4X SC-AHLT 250
10X Adenine hemi sulfate 2.5
10X 20% glucose 100
50X Tryptophan 20
100X Histidine HCl 10

Add dry:

Component g
YNB 1.7
Ammonium Sulfate 5

Filter sterilize, warm up, then add to molten agar

Mark with one green and one blue line