On plates

Submitted by kdorfman on Mon, 01/16/2012 - 15:45

Planting on Plates

Make MS plates

  • To get weakling mutants started before potting in soil
  • Or to plant seeds on specified media
  • Or to see roots

Seed Preparation

Seeds must be sterilized before they are put on sterile plates.

After sterilization,

  • Make a line of seeds in agarose above the midline of the plate, either
    • either on the agar directly
    • on flattened cellophane
  • Tape plates shut with Micropore surgical tape
  • Stack plates flat
  • Refrigerate the plates for 2 days in the dark
  • Move plates to growth chamber
  • Stand plates on edge under the lights. Tape several together.

0.1% agarose for plating seeds

  • 100 mL sterile ddH2O
  • 0.1 g agarose . autoclave to melt; shake bottle after autoclaving