On soil

Submitted by kdorfman on Mon, 01/16/2012 - 15:43

Arabidopsis planting guide - Plants on soil

Routine weekly planting to produce plant material for observation or DNA extraction

  • Pots
    • 6 pots in a big flat with no holes
    • fill with clump-free potting soil, leaving some space at the rim
  • Treat with Gnatrol for fungus gnats
    • saturate with hot water the night before Teddi comes
    • Arrange for Teddi to do Gnatrol treatment
  • OR Heat in oven
    • pre-heat oven to 225F (=~107C)
    • Put soil-filled pots in aluminum lasagne pan
    • Cover with foil
    • insert thermometer in one pot near center
    • Heat to 180F (=~82C)
    • leave in oven for 30 min.
    • leave covered until ready to plant
  • Seeds for DNA
    • Start a set 4 weeks before needed, another set 3 weeks before
    • Columbia wild type (col-0)
    • Scatter seeds on surface of soil (remoisten before if it is dry)
    • Put on plastic cover
    • Put in refrigerator, keep dark (this synchronizes germination)
    • Transfer to growth chamber on the third day
    • If no room in fridge, put seeds in microfuge tube, add water, refrigerate in dark 2 days, then plant
  • Seeds for demo or experimental plants
    • Put seeds in microfuge tube, water, refrigerate, keep dark
    • 3rd day: pour into small beaker, add more water
    • Deposit one seed to each corner of the pot, plus one in the middle with a transfer pipet.
    • Transfer to growth chamber
  • Growth Chamber
    • 22C, 16H light, schedule continuous program
    • Water bottom flat ~3x per week
    • Remove cover after plants are well established.