Submitted by kdorfman on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 17:51

Taxol (20 µM final)

Fisher 109710 Paclitaxel.
Sigma T7402 1mg
MW = 853.91

  • Stabilizes the microtubule polymer
  • Protects microtulues from disassembly.
  • Prevents metaphase spindle configuration
  • Blocks progression of mitosis and prolonged activation of the mitotic checkpoint triggers apoptosis or reversion to the G-phase of the cell cycle without cell division.

  • soluble in DMSO, not water.

  • Add 0.117 mL DMSO to make a 0.01M (=10 mM) stock solution from the 1 mg powder

  • Aliquot 10 µL 10 mM (if it precipitates, add 10 uL DMSO and vortex, then add 480 uL medium or buffer)

    • add 490 µL to make 200µM
    • dilute into medium from there (100 uL Taxol/mL medium)