Plant hormones

Submitted by bcrcstaff on Thu, 03/21/2019 - 14:49
Compound function Form Room storage stock Cat #
ABA Plant hormone involved in growth and stress response powder 362A fridge 50 mM in EtOH Fisher AC133480010
ABA powder soluble 20 mg/mL in DMSO, ethanol 362A freezer PlantMedia 30631017-1
soluble in methanol
Ascorbic acid Enzyme cofactor Powder 362A RT Fisher S26184
Caffeine Growth inhibitor Powder 362A RT Fisher ICN15011483
Chitosan medium viscosity Component of fungal cell walls and arthropod exoskeletons Powder 362A RT Bio-World 40300161-1
Cycloheximide Protein synthesis inhibitor Powder 362A RT Fisher AC357420010
Gibberellic acid breaks seed dormancy 13 mg/mL (=37.5mM) solution 362A 4C PlantMedia 30631025-1
IAA auxin growth regulator
stimulates root growth
solid 362A 4C 100 mM in EtOH PlantMedia 30631010-
Imidacloprid (pestanal) Systemic insecticide neat 362A dessicator Sigma 37894
kinetin Plant cytokinin Powder 362A RT Sigma K0753
Lactic acid Plant growth stimulator 69% soln aq 362A dessicator Fisher AC250300100
Methyl jasmonate Pathogen response Liq 362A RT PlantMedia30631015-3
Nicotine Plant defense chemical liq 362A dessicator Fisher AC181420050
Salicylic acid Response to abiotic stress Powder 362A RT 100 mM in EtOH Fisher S25515
Selenium varies Powder 362A RT Strem 93-3416